Start of stable real estate real assets
Proceed to domestic and overseas companies
Asset Digital Asset Project


Nipperture's first Asset Digital Asset project starts with real estate assets. Real estate has historically been an immutable asset, and it is still the most stable real asset in the spotlight today. Although real estate is valuable as a very good asset, the lack of liquidity can be cited as the most disadvantage of real estate assets.

Nipperture tokenizes each real estate product and sells it in the form of an asset token. The sale of the property is entrusted to the buyers of the Nipperture property token, and the sale will proceed automatically if the promised return is achieved at the time of purchase.

Rental income is paid every three months, and sales income is paid at the time of sale. Real estate token investors can resell real estate tokens through the Nipperture platform token market to have exchangeability.


Blockchain Systems

Anyone who owns Nipperture is free to buy and sell real estate. Nipperture is a blockchain-based decentralized ecosystem where various individuals and companies related to real estate investment can freely participate in relatively small amounts.

Participants in the Nipperture platform perform their own needs and roles within the ecosystem If you perform each role normally, you can receive rewards within the Nipperture platform.


Nipperture the Composition
of Real Estate Products


Nipperture Real Estate
Purchase Type

The purchase type automatically
distributes revenue from the Nipperture's own wallet
according to the percentage of Nipperture product asset tokens that actually purchase the property at the
amount invested in the real
estate product and distribute
monthly rent and sales revenue.


The re-rental type

The re-rental type is a product that
obtains lease sales with the amount
invested in real estate products
and distributes monthly rent
profits generated by leasing
them with monthly rent.


Nipperture Development
investment type

Development investment type
is a product in which real estate developers set some of
the funds necessary for development and issue them in token form, and investors hold the tokens until the development is completed and receive the profits agreed
by the developer after the development is completed.


Nipperture Metaverse
Land Investment

Nipperture's Metaverse Land investment is a platform that combines real estate value
with Nipperture Land profitability.
At Nipperture Metaverse Land,
you can own property assets based on local characteristics and
searn revenue from them.

*Nipperture's Metaverse Land
is currently under development.

Nipperture Token

It is used in various transactions such as registration requirements
for participation in the Nipperture token ecosystem, digital transaction fees,
digital transaction payments, platform-linked business rent,
and payment methods at the Nipperture platform store.

Publication Information

  • Coin Name


  • Symbol


  • Protocol


  • Total Issuance

    200,000,000 NPR

Use of Fund

  • Token Sale  10%
  • Team  10%
  • Marketing  20%
  • Ecosystem  30%
  • Reserve  30%





ceo CEO

Yoon Seung-sik

address ADDRESS

Room 506, City Hall Road 7, Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do

phone PHONE

Headquarters : 032-428-2394 (Mon.~Fri. 10am~5pm)

Seoul branch : 02-2060-3379 (Mon.~Fri. 10am~5pm)